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Meet MOKA - a metal pot on legs, a perfect form for your flowers

Functional decoration for the home

Home jungle enthusiasts know that they need beautiful pots to present their plants. Pots on the legs are practical decorative accessories. Colorful covers can be a counterpoint in the interior. Each plant placed in MOKA pots will give the interior a character. Rounded edges and a simple form of the pot will match any type of interior.

Perfect for terrace and balcony

The flowerbed is made of metal and has been covered with powder paint, thanks to which there are no stains or chipping. It is possible to apply an additional anti-corrosion coating for outdoor use. It is recommended to put the plant in a casing before placing it in MOKA.

Many arrangement options

MOKA comes in three sizes: large, medium and small. The MOKA flower pot has many arrangement options. We can create compositions in various colors and sizes. The casings are available in 3 sizes: large, medium and small, and in a palette
of 5 colors. Additionally, thanks to detachable legs, you can freely change the height of individual pots in the set. This opens up many arrangement possibilities and makes it easier to adjust the product to the needs and functions in any space.

Small MOKA flower pot - product details



180 mm


200 mm


600 mm








powder painting


powder painting

Product maintenance

In order to ensure the durability and beauty of the pots, it is necessary to properly take care of their maintenance. We have put together all the tips for metal maintenance here.


Beige, Black, Gold, Gray, Navy blue, Terrakotta Light, White


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