Unikatowe Formy — how and why we do it?

Every brand has its own history and background. In the background of Unique Forms, there is a family-owned production workshop with a long tradition of over 40 years. The idea for a new furniture brand was sparked by the owner Julia, who decided to use the production facilities of her family’s company to create something unique in contrast to mass production. Julia can be described in many ways, but most often she is said to be a very demanding person. Today, she directs her products to such clients.

Julia Sroczyńska, The founder of the Unique Forms

Technique and sensitivity to materials

Our proprietary designs contain a lot of respect for the craftsmanship. In innovative forms, we try to capture the essence of the many years of tradition of the production plant, which previously dealt with complex military projects and creating structures for the army. Military solidity, reliable functionality, and precision are something that is the foundation of the plant’s operations and naturally permeates into the furniture created here. Today, managers focus on training new employees and developing a work culture based on a result that combines reliable durability with aesthetics and sensitivity to materials. The severity of the metal does not detract from the poetry of our furniture. We combine materials, constantly looking for new ones, without distancing ourselves from the practices and experiences of our plant.

New technologies

To achieve this effect, we devote our energy, time, but also funds. In modern production, it is impossible to achieve perfection without continuous improvement and investment in new technologies and devices. We have invested in in new devices for laser welding, welding robots, CNC bending devices, and also a CNC rolling mill. Thanks to these devices, we are able to weld seamlessly, bend elements with greater precision, obtain new shapes with much better parameters, and thus a more aesthetic and precise appearance. These devices greatly improve our work, they bring a simple sheet of metal to the desired dimensions, with full oval and maintaining the invented shape.

A stubborn designer and delayed delivery date

For the first time, we were making a table with a small base compared to a heavy and expensive stone top. The whole vision was based on the idea that a very delicate (or at least looking like one) leg and base would stably support a large and heavy top. It’s not always a piece of cake. When asked about the project, Szymon Ogiegło, the manager of the department responsible for project control, responds:

"These are the challenges that we, as Unique Forms, like the most! Such tasks teach the most. We don't give up without a perfect result. The fact is, we had to postpone the delivery date to the client. We made this decision after consulting with him. We did not agree to release the product, although the client was gently pushing, suggesting that he was aware that such a constructed table could have a slight tremble. For us, this inconvenience was unacceptable. We asked the client for an additional 3 days to move the delivery date. We proposed a solution that turned out to be satisfying for the client from an aesthetic and for us as a company from a design and manufacturing standpoint."

Smart graphic and machine industry designer

Such projects show that even the most advanced technologies cannot replace the thought and vision of an individual. That is why for a year and a half, we have been focusing on building a team of young, talented, and unique people with determination. Recently, we have managed to acquire a very clever and versatile young graphic designer. We are proud of Sebastian and are delighted to observe his development process, perception of color, object, and sensitivity to aesthetics. We also draw strength from the knowledge of a very good designer, Mr. Włodek, who comes from the machine industry. He is excellent at coming up with ideas, arranging stages, and working on prototypes. We think that this unique combination of talents translates into the final product and sets us apart from many companies in Poland operating in this industry. Our advantage is that we have our production plant, but more importantly, we have a fantastic team of people engaged in this project, and we are constantly looking for new fascinating people for joint activities.

Custom furniture

This most unique form of production particularly engrosses us. We are interested in custom furniture, i.e., a single piece that we make on individual orders. We mean truly individual ideas when it comes to dimensions, size, shape, weight, but also function. We are flexible when it comes to colors: we have our palette, but if the client wants to order a specific color, it is not a problem for us, as we have our own powder coating plant.

We also prepare modifications of our flagship products. Enlargement, narrowing, an additional drawer on a good mechanism? Please, be our guest! We are very interested in these types of challenges. We focus on individual pieces, but of course, we are capable of producing furniture in larger quantities. In our regular production and the offer available on the website, we have about 50-60 models. From planters, towel holders, shelves, through dressers, consoles, coffee tables to dining tables. We combine metal with various materials such as wood, stone, glass, mirror, furniture board, or MDF board.

The quality of materials we order from external producers is determined by their selection. We do not save on this, and the choice of a partner is not based on the price of materials, but on their quality and the partner’s approach to the work performer. Therefore, we are proud to brand and sign each piece of furniture leaving our factory, – says Szymon Ogiegło Kamień

We source our stone from Hoder, a well-known company in Poland and worldwide. Their factory is located near our office in southern Poland, but it was not the distance that determined our cooperation, but their professionalism and many years of experience in the stonemasonry industry.

Our family carpentry, run by two brothers from Krakow, supplies us with wood, and we often meet with tchem. Wood is a bit different from steel, as some defects can actually be an advantage of this material. Hence, our visits to the carpentry, where we select and match the wood to the steel structure. The wood comes from Poland and Slovakia, is seasoned and appropriately dried. Our suppliers approach the wood with great passion and knowledge, so we are confident that the countertops they produce will not crack – adds Szymon.

We work with metal for outdoor use.

First of all, we ensure that the furniture purchased from Unique Forms is a functional object. If the client indicates during the ordering process that they want to use the furniture outdoors, we can adjust the product to these needs. Furniture functioning in the terrace, balcony, garden, as well as in the kitchen or bathroom, requires a different coating and finishes. These spaces require good protection against, for example, corrosion. Aware of the various requirements of our clients, we have built a factory that can work with metal and adjust it to any conditions, without compromising on aesthetics.

We create ECO-sized furniture consciously!

We would not be ourselves if we did not mention the importance of ecology for us. All our products are created from recycled materials. Every piece of furniture produced by us can be recycled. Just like the wood, stone, glass, or steel we use. Due to environmental protection regulations, we use steel from so-called scrap charge, i.e. recycled charge. Therefore, all our products are fully ecological. We are very happy with this awareness.

Seamless connections and certified steel

For us, joint surfaces – weld surfaces – are extremely important. Often, we stubbornly clean them to reproduce the seamless connection of the metal as faithfully as possible. Looking at the furniture, we have the impression that it is cast from one piece, from one block of metal. This effect still fascinates us and our customers. It is achievable due to the quality of the material used. We use certified steel from suppliers tested over 40 years of operation. The suppliers guarantee that the steel comes from Polish or Western European mills. We do not use Eastern European or Chinese production – which is brittle and unstable. The main supplier to Unique Forms is Centrostal, which provides the exchange of the material needed for a given technological proces. The metal composition is very important in locksmith technology. The behavior of a steel pipe, whether cold-drawn or hot-drawn, will depend on its composition in technological processes. There are several processes involved. Cutting, bending, grinding, welding, cleaning, painting – all of these sequences must be perfectly synchronized. That’s why we don’t accept shortcuts, as steel quality is crucial for us.
Of course, we’re aware that an individual customer may not notice the difference at first glance. However, we’re confident that upon closer inspection or after a few months of using a piece of furniture made from cheaper components, the differences will become obvious. Our mission is to create high-quality, long-lasting furniture and educate consumers about the difference between our products and cheaper alternatives. We strive to achieve high brand recognition for our premium products based on the best materials, at a reasonable price point. We’re certainly not the cheapest manufacturer, but we’re not the most expensive either. What’s important is that higher prices come with higher quality of both the product and customer service, which we certainly provide.

Production proces control

What’s the most expensive aspect? Maintaining absolute quality. Each piece of furniture is carefully measured and checked before applying the final coating or protection. This is especially important for large sheet metal surfaces, such as steel tables that change their volume during the production proces. Remember that metal is not a temperature-neutral material. If heated too much during welding, it may become distorted. That’s why we have our own finishing workshop that specializes in straightening by applying putty and smoothing during the polishing proces. . Importantly, this process never affects aesthetics. Every piece of furniture is carefully monitored before painting, and any scratches, wear, or dents are detected. If any defects appear, the surface is sanded and repainted until a perfect finisz is achieved.

Designing for the user

We also care about perfection in the later stages. Each piece of furniture that leaves our factory is meticulously packed in protective materials, cardboard boxes, and secured on pallets. Even if the courier company damages the cargo, we take the initiative and resend the goods to the customer. Mistakes happen, but we always prioritize our customers and never pass on the costs to them. We take responsibility for our mistakes internally. Our goal is for every customer to experience a unique level of service.

We aim to design exceptional, one-of-a-kind experiences.

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